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Better FutureBox and Microsoft Office 365 integration

24th October 2014

Our cloud storage and productivity suite FutureBox is built upon technology. This means customers benefit from immediate access to new Box features when they become available. The most recent example is our inclusion of the latest Box for Office 365.

With Box for Office 365, customers can fully integrate FutureBox cloud storage with Microsoft's main desktop Office apps. From Word, Excel or PowerPoint customers can:

  • Open files stored in FutureBox.
  • Save files direct to FutureBox.
  • Generate secure sharing links for documents.

Microsoft Outlook users can also integrate FutureBox into their email workflow with ease.

  • Save incoming email attachments directly to FutureBox.
  • Generate secure sharing links for documents, rather than use insecure attachments.

Box for Office 365 is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 or higher on Windows. It works with standalone Office applications or those provided as part of a Microsoft Office 365 service.