Pygott and Crone Hosted Exchange case study

Estate agent switched from in-house to SMS


Lincolnshire estate agents Pygott & Crone have been established since 1991, with multiple locations across the county. Historically their business email was ran through an in-house Exchange server based at their head office in Sleaford, however the increasing level of email and internet traffic was causing difficulties and the company decided it was time investigate alternative arrangements.

Choosing Hosted Exchange over in-house servers

Pygott & Crone had several criteria influencing their decision to select Hosted Microsoft Exchange over their existing in-house server.

  • The cost of moving the in-house server to a new location.
  • The cost of updating the server to the latest OS.
  • Allowing employees to access business email on mobile devices.

Choosing Hosted Exchange allowed the company to provide employees email access across the web and mobile devices, thanks to ActiveSync, without the cost of updating the in-house server and on-going running charges or Microsoft Exchange licenses.

Why select Simply Mail Solutions

Gary Wand, IT & Design Manager for Pygott & Crone said,

"We wanted to give our staff a quick, stable and reliable service without any major disruption to the day to day workings of our branches. The Simply Mail Solutions service we chose gave us the ability to run our email system exactly as we did when we hosted our own Exchange server but with the added benefit of removing the single point of failure which our own system had."

Which email services are being used?

Pygott & Crone selected the Classic mailbox with 25GB storage and free Outlook licence. They added the advanced email filtering service to protect against malicious messages and virus attachments.

Gary Wand:

"We decided that while our current staff mailboxes sizes would have suited the Basic service, the added capacity for future proofing our systems along with the Outlook licence swayed our decision to invest in the Classic mailboxes.
"We added the Ultravault as we have a lot of mobile workers so the ability to query and release quarantined emails from any device, anywhere in the world was a real benefit to us."

Final comments

Commenting on their new email hosting set up, Gary Wand said:

"Simply Mail Solutions has provided the final piece in the jigsaw that now means staff no longer have to return to the office to catch up on their emails or to work on our Estate Agency software.
"As long as they can connect to the internet, either at home, using public wifi or at customer's property, they can now work as easily as if they were sat in one of our offices."

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