Hosted Microsoft Exchange case study

Blue Inc chose SMS for their business communications


Blue Inc is the well known UK fashion retailer that specialises in contemporary fashion for the young, fashion savvy male, looking for the hottest looks. Following the acquisition of the business in 2006 the company has rapidly expanded the Blue Inc brand and has grown from 36 stores across the UK in 2006 to 150+ in 2011. Blue Inc have also recently acquired the Officers Club fashion chain.

Why hosted Microsoft Exchange?

Blue Inc were previously running an internal mail server and were looking to upgrade their existing systems to add new features, meet the predicted growth, and provide a fully supported 24/7 solution for their employees.

With an increasingly mobile workforce Blue Inc were looking for a solution that allows remote access via multiple devices including BlackBerry and iPhone devices as well as calendar synchronisation for all staff.

The predicted growth was anticipated to put more pressure on administering and maintaining the internal solution especially with regards to back-ups with constantly growing mailbox sizes. A hosted Microsoft Exchange solution was able to fulfil all these requirements reducing the impact on internal IT resources considerably at the same time. An internal cost and resource analysis consequently resulted in the decision to outsource the in-house solution.

What are the main benefits of hosted Exchange?

Jonathan Levy, IT consultant for Blue Inc, commented:

“From a user point of view the main benefit is the high level of flexibility with regards to mobile integration. As Blue Inc have developed an iPhone and Andriod app, for use with their on line sale business, many of the staff have various different handsets types and therefore a flexible hosted system was required that would serve, Blackberry, IOS, Andriod, and other mobile platform.”

Levy added further:

“From a financial point of view a hosted version was highly attractive as we can add and remove new users as and when it is required always knowing the cost involved. Setting budgets for hardware and upgrading costs therefore became obsolete and provided Blue Inc with the flexibility they required in the highly dynamic fashion industry.”

Why Simply Mail Solutions?

Levy stated further:

“One of the main reason is the excellent level of expertise SMS has with regards to MS Exchange. This is backed up by 24/7 support which made a 200% increase of users easily manageable with little impact on internal IT resources. Also the integration with their Postini Spam filtering improved the battery life of mobile users dramatically as it cuts out all the spam before it hits the email server. So all in all, SMS is providing a great and cost-efficient service with a high level of flexibility.”


By setting up an Microsoft Exchange solution with Simply Mail Solutions Blue Inc could take advantage of the full benefits of a cloud based system making mobile users location independent without having to worry about scalability or server maintenance, upgrades and highly time consuming testing phases.

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