MX Changes needed for FutureSpam service

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that our services are kept up to date and that our customers are provided with the best service possible, we will be upgrading your spam service to a new solution over the next few days as the old Google service that you are currently on is coming to the end of its life cycle. As you may be aware, the Google service has degraded in performance over the years and we will now be moving you to another spam solution provided by one of the Industry’s leading spam solution providers to ensure you get the most out of your spam filter.

What changes will I notice between the Google service and the new service?

You should not notice too much difference in how it works, you will still have a portal that you can login to and release any emails that have been caught as spam you deem to genuine. You will also still get your daily quarantine email everyday but it will now come from a new address, you will be able to whitelist addresses and release emails directly from this email and the time that it gets delivered to your mailbox is completely customizable.

We have had the new anti-spam service in place for many months now and the feedback from other customers has been extremely positive, most customers noticed a significant improvement in spam detection and prevention compared to the old Google service.

Our Support Team have full admin access to this new spam filter so have increased ability to support and resolve any issues should you encounter with the new service whereas this access was limited with the Google service.

How do I login to the new spam filter?

You can access login to the spam filter by going to You will need to request a password to begin with by clicking on the “Request password” tab and entering your email address, this will send you an email with a link allowing you to set a password for accessing the spam filter.

If you request a password and it does not work do not be alarmed it simply means the service is not ready for you to login yet, you will need wait 24 hours and then try to request a password again.

Will the cost change?

We are keeping the cost of the spam filter exactly the same so you will not notice a change In cost as long as all of your mailboxes currently use the Google spam filter. However, if only some of your mailboxes are covered by the spam filter the remaining mailboxes that are not covered will also need to be covered as the new spam solution is applied for the whole domain.

If you have any billing queries regarding this please contact our Sales Team by emailing or you can contact them on 01925 818448

What happens to my old Google account?

None of the old Google accounts will be deleted they will just be split away from our control. This means that you can still log into them for up to 30 days and use it for any other Google services however you will have to add your own personal payment details to it and the accounts will no longer be supported by ourselves, it will be your own account directly with Google. After 30 days if no payment details are added google will automatically suspend this account.

Do I have to make any changes?

If your domain is registered through us or you use our name servers, no further action is needed as we will make these changes on your behalf. If your domain is not registered through us or using our name servers, you will need to update your existing mx records at your domain/dns provider to the ones below – Please ensure existing mx records are removed and only the ones below are in place

  • Priority 10
  • Priority 20
  • Priority 30
  • Priority 40

Once updated you will need to allow 24/48hrs for them to be updated

How long do I have to make the changes?

You will have 30 days from receiving our first email to make these changes, we will however send a reminder one week before the mx records are due to be changed. After 30 days your old account will be suspended by Google and your email service will stop working.

Who can I contact if I have a problem?

If you have any questions about the new spam filter or have any concerns about the changes you need to make, please contact our Support Team who will be available 24/7 via email, simply email us on Alternatively you can call us on 01925 818252 anytime Mon – Fri 9-5.

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