What is Microsoft Exchange?

A quick primer to Microsoft Exchange business email

Microsoft Exchange is one of the key products we offer customers. We host over 29,000 mailboxes and the majority of them are Exchange mailboxes. Our customers use our service to send and receive email, keep their calendar diaries up to date, maintain their address book, control to-do lists and much more.

New customers are automatically placed on Microsoft Exchange 2013. This is the latest version of Exchange and includes many new, or upgraded, functions to make business email faster and more flexible than ever before.

Microsoft Exchange is a platform to manage the emails, calendars, address books, and other functions, for organisations (or individuals). With it businesses can control their online communications and allow teams to work together from anywhere in the world:

Email — Read and respond to emails from your office, your home office, your mobile phone / tablet, or anywhere via webmail. Don't wait till you're in the office to respond to an important customer email.
Calendars — Keep your diary up-to-date, share access to appointments, add or amend calendar entries from anywhere. See instantly where your team members are and what free time they have available.
Meetings — Arrange team meetings and keep invitees up-dated on changes in times or locations. With a resource mailbox you can check the availability of, and book, meeting rooms. Mobile access means you can create a follow-up appointment with a customer whilst sat with them.
Contacts — When your customer changes their contact details, do you want to update your desktop email, mobile phone and other devices individually? With Exchange 2013any changes you make to a contact update across all your devices instantly.
Sync — Did you read that email in the office, or sat at home? What is that customer's current mobile phone number? Has anyone in the office changed the date of that important meeting? With ActiveSync everything is kept up to date across all your devices.
Collaboration — With Microsoft SharePoint (available separately) you can securely share documents in the cloud, manage projects, build intranets and external websites and keep your teams working together wherever they are.

Simply Mail Solutions put the power of Microsoft Exchange into the hands of all organisations. Providing full email, calendars, collaboration and syncing of information to keep your businesses working more efficiently and boost team productivity.

What is a Microsoft Exchange Server?

A Microsoft Exchange Server is the underlying technology that allows businesses to use Exchange services. It controls all Exchange functions (emails, calendars, contacts, etc.) and syncing across multiple devices.

Running a Microsoft Exchange Server traditionally involves a major investment by a business. Dedicated hardware is needed, a Microsoft Exchange Server licence has to be bought, and then there are on-going maintenance costs, utility bills, IT department's time and more.

Simply Mail Solutions offer two levels of Microsoft Exchange Server products. Shared and dedicated.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange - Your emails, calendars, etc. are stored on our servers. Bandwidth is shared amongst all users (across different companies). This allows Simply Mail Solutions to provide Exchange services to customers at a fraction of the cost of running an in-house Exchange Server. Our servers are robust enough to handle millions of emails a month without impacting performance.

Dedicated Microsoft Exchange - A Microsoft Exchange Server dedicated to your business. No shared bandwidth and you maintain full management control of mailboxes, mailbox size, etc. Choosing Simply Mail Solutions gives you the benefits of a dedicated Exchange environment without the hardware charges and running costs.

Simply Mail Solutions give you the platform to make Microsoft Exchange work for your business. Whether you are a sole trader looking for the best tools to communicate with customers, or a large organisation with multiple teams who need to work together, we can help.

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