SMS web hosting offers free SSL certificates

3rd August 2017


Securing a website using SSL certification is fast becoming standard practice online. Web browsers are already highlighting websites sending their traffic via HTTPS and Google have indicated they will begin rewarding HTTPS-enabled sites with better search positions.

Traditionally, obtaining SSL certificates has been expensive and required in-depth technical knowledge of how web hosting works. SMS is changing all that with the latest upgrade to our business web hosting control panel.

SMS web hosting customers can now create free SSL certificates for their websites

We’ve integrated Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates into our Plesk-powered GenX control panel. Now, when a web hosting customer wants to add HTTPS to their website it’s as simple as ticking a couple of boxes on the admin control panel.

The Plesk control panel takes care of redirecting website visitors to HTTPS, and renews the SSL certificate whenever required; making the whole process simple and automatic.

SMS business web hosting starts at £4.99 a month for 10GB hosting.

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