Microsoft Exchange 2016 - Preview

21st August 2015


Microsoft Exchange 2016 - Preview

Exchange Server 2016 is Microsoft's latest release for its on-premises email server. The first dogfood mailbox was deployed in November 2014, and it was announced at Microsoft's Ignite event in May of this year. At the time of writing, it is currently in Preview mode, and is planned to be fully released in late 2015. Within this time, Microsoft has stated that more features and improvements will be implemented before the full release.

What is Exchange 2016?

Based on feedback from the use of the Office 365 cloud email server, it is an on-premises tool that has been improved from previous versions to work better with cloud service usage. The components that make up Exchange 2016 are already being used by millions of mailboxes on across Office 365. Essentially, Microsoft has refined and improved these cloud email features to deliver to on-premises servers.

So what's the difference in tech? MAPI over HTTP is now the default client protocol for Outlook, and MAPI/CDO is gone being replaced by Exchange Web Services. The CAS (Client Access Server) role has also been removed with it being added to mailbox role (Exchange 2013 has two roles - Mailbox and Client Access - whereas Exchange 2016 merges these into one role - Mailbox).

What are the benefits?

Microsoft have promised a host of benefits for the release of Exchange 2016. Below we break down the main elements on how it effects both IT professionals and end users.

A quicker speed of server side search, with more relevant and accurate results to end users. Also, intuitive search suggestions in Outlook 2016 & Outlook Web App.

Exchange 2016 will offer improved integration with both third-party and MS applications and technologies. Users can install directly from the Office store or the Outlook ribbon, improving the user experience.

Particularly between OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange. Recipients of files can edit files by default (instead of being read-only), and when a file is emailed via SharePoint, any recipient edit and saves will reflect back in SharePoint. Also, a recent file list is displayed to users when attaching files, whether they are locally stored, on OneDrive, or on SharePoint.

Alongside performance improvements and a better mobile/tablet experience, various features have been added, such as sweep, pin, undo, inline reply, a single line inbox view, new themes and emojis.

The Microsoft team have added more data types that are common in other countries and have also added more configuration settings for specific needs.

Including database divergence detection, automated repair features, and faster recovery from failure

Removing the Client Access server role and adding a client access services component to the Mailbox role. This will reduce the number of physical Exchange servers and bring down hardware costs

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